Your head will collapse, if there's nothing in it

P.F.T on S.P.Y

"Stop Podcasting Yourself" is one of Canada's, and probably the world's, longest running podcasts. Podcasters Dave Shumka and Graham Clark have been putting out an episode a week for eleven years, as well as various specials and live performances, and as they cruise towards the six-hundredth episode they have amassed a collection of hilarious recordings in their archives.

Over that time, there have been many spectacular guest appearances, and in due course I hope to curate a number of them for this site, but to start I want to look at an episode featuring the multi-talented Mr. Paul F Tompkins. PFT has has a number of successful and entertaining podcasts under his belt himself (I'll certainly be featuring The Dead Author's podcast in the future), but his relaxed, daft and charming appearances on "Stop Podcasting Yourself" are among my favourites.

It's difficult to pick an episode from his contributions (which you can find here) but I've decided to go with episode 140 which features a section on knock-off toys and introduces the concept of "Doctor Zee-Ape" the knock-off version "Dr. Zaius" from Planet of the Apes which makes me laugh every time I hear it.