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Most Haunted

Yvette Fielding dressed as Neo

Most Haunted is a long running British TV show in which a former Blue Peter presenter, her husband, hairless cousin, and any one of a number of potential charlatans claiming to commune with the dead, lock themselves in a haunted location with the lights off and infrared camera in hand to investigate the validity of those haunted claims. What follows the outing of the lights is approximately forty minutes of green tinged shaky cam footage of people screaming, psychics talking to themselves, and objects being thrown into the frame from just outside the shot.

It always follows the same formula: Yvette is immediately convinced that every ghost story about the place is true, the other members of the cast maintain a vague air of skepticism, the clairvoyant claims they can see a 17th century gentlemen — who's inevitably a bit peeved about the whole death thing — and over the course of the show they all come to the conclusion that the location is most definitely haunted because of all the noises, and objects being thrown into shot from just off camera.

I think it goes without saying that it's staged, they specifically have to display a notice that the show is for entertainment purposes only before every episode, but the cast and crew do their utmost to sell it as reality TV. And they always make a valiant effort, which is probably why I love their daft show so much. They manage to make an attempt at Paranormal Activity without having a special effects budget, letting their screams and jump frights make up for the lack of fishing wires pulling open cupboard doors.

The above is the first part of their visit to 30 East Drive, which incidentally is the same location visited by the Parapod team in their two part special.
It's as good an episode as any to start with, it hits all the notes of flying objects, cries of abject horror, and mediums wandering around talking about monks.