Your head will collapse, if there's nothing in it

Jupiter Artland

Look at this idiot trying to be highbrow.

Jupiter Artland is an outdoor art exhibition that shows macro sculpture off in picturesque grounds. Is macro sculpture a thing? I wrote it because it sounds impressive, but all I really mean is big. It has a lot of big sculptures. I can't write about any of it with any critical understanding of what's on show, but my lack of education and eloquence does not make the place any less magnificent.

It's only a bus ride outside Edinburgh, but for twenty of my twenty-one years in the city I had not heard of it. Visiting it for the first time a couple of summers ago was a revelation; it's an almost magical place that feels in equal parts like a fantasy grove, a haunted woodland and some urban landscape being reclaimed by nature.

Jupiter Artland's beautiful sculpted landscape

It's truly a spectacular location, and one of my favourite spots to visit. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

If you can catch it when it isn't pouring with rain.

Just because it's whimsical and arty does not make it any less in Scotland.

Image from the Jupiter Artlands website copyright of Jupiter Artland.