“So it’s all just maths” he said,
And they seemed on the ball,
But recounting what they’d learnt, he thought:
“No, that’s not it at all”.

“No. It’s not just Sine waves;
that wasn’t meant as fact.
The specifics are quite intricate
I was trying to be abstract.”

“And, no, it won’t be random.
I can’t be any more simplistic;
It may be based on random noise,
but it’s still deterministic.”

“See, the outputs to set inputs
will always be consistent.
And it’s evaluated on the fly,
so none of it’s persistent.”

“Algorithms and seeds!” they cry;
Dots seemingly connected,
“But, how’s it all fit on disk?” they ask.
And he’s visibly dejected.

“Urgh, you know what?” he says,
“Instead of misinforming readers,
To explain procedural generation
Just say: generated by procedures.”

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  1. A says:

    They need to understand, it’s not
    a search for a solution. Why,
    it’s simply just equations where
    solutions are already there!
    These journos really ought to try
    evaluating mandelbrot.

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